Head, Top Handle, Tilted Panel

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Tip for taking your own measurements:
Apply these 5 simple rules to ensure a perfect fitment.

1: Measure accurate, but 1-2mm doesnt make a big difference.
2: For side handles, measure the hole, not the mounting part.
3: Protective corners? Add them in the measurements.
4: Don't add any mounting screws that are sticking out.
5: Do the "Check your own Measurements" Test.

Check your own Measurements:
We will always check your measurements to spot any irregularities. If you want to check the measurements for yourself, this is what you can do. Remember, Its is not a must, but feel free to do so. 

A1 + A2 = A3
Hight Without Feet + Feet = Total Hight
HP3 + H1 + HP4 = B
Handle to Left side + Handle + Handle to Right side = Total Width

HP1 + H2 +  HP2 = C
Handle to Frontside + Handle Depth + Handle to Backside= Total Depth