Nylon/ Polyester Outstde:
The outside of our Lite and Pro series covers are made of a tightly woven, Black, Nylon outside with a polyester backing that makes it water resistant.  This Material is so strong it can be cleaned with water, soap, Naphta or even thinner.
Foam Padding:
We use Thick foam padding in the center of our Pro series Covers that will  protect your amp from most impacts it will get during transportation. this foam is fully glued on the outside layer, and thats what will give the cover the strengt BlackGear is known for. A 4x12 cover  will stand up and it will not fall down, because the sides of te cover are that strong! Imagine how strong it will be with extra's like the protective plating...

The Inside:
The Inside of our Pro series covers are made of a tightly woven fabric that is black, soft and super strong. Again, this is fully glued on to the foam padding so forms one layer with the outside and the padding. The combination of these 3 layers is unique, strong, thick, and will protect your gear for years to come.